18 Aug

What is an Apple Enterprise Account? The Apple Developer Enterprise Program is a premium developer account offered by Apple to iOS developers.

More expensive than Personal and Corporate accounts at $299/year

You can't submit apps to the App StoreSigned apps can be installed on any iOS device with no limit on the number of installationsAmong other things, it is the features of Article 3 that give developers a great convenience when testing and distributing apps. Therefore, developers generally apply to use an Apple Enterprise Account (or Apple Enterprise Signature) for this same feature.

Notes on using Enterprise AccountBecause Apple has very strict restrictions on the installation of apps, Apple has also given strict terms and conditions for the use of Enterprise accounts, as detailed in Apple Developer - Terms and Agreements. The most important of these terms and conditions are
Applications signed with a corporate account may only be installed by internal employees and may not be downloaded publicly.From experience, many developers have violated the above terms and conditions and had their corporate accounts blocked, resulting in significant losses. Therefore, we recommend developers to do the following after uploading their corporate signed apps to Dandelion.

Set a download password after uploading the app to Dandelion 

Don't make the installation link of the app public, so that it can only be installed and used within the enterpriseDon't use the same enterprise account to package too many apps, it is recommended to try to control less than 5

Don't import and export the p12 certificate file and Provisioning Profile file at will, and it is best to do so on a dedicated machine.Do not lend your own developer account

Do not upload p12 certificate files and Provisioning Profiles files to third-party packaging platforms, such as cloud compilation and cloud packaging, and do not share them with othersIf you need to connect to the Internet, please be careful not to change the network environment too much.Try not to use it for VoIP, VOIP, point wall, game recharge platform and other types of App, because these types of App are easily blocked by Apple.Application for Enterprise Account Currently, it is very difficult to apply for a brand new corporate account through Apple's official website. The reason is that, on the one hand, developers need to provide a lot of information to Apple when applying for a corporate account; on the other hand, the number of Apple's approvals for new corporate accounts is extremely limited. Therefore, the current stock of corporate accounts in the market is extremely small. As a result, many developers who really need an Apple corporate account are unable to apply for one.

Apple Enterprise Account

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