1、We go to apply for Apple's APP ID
We just need to apply on the official website, and when we register the account, it must be a corporate email, which is the email we often say with a corporate domain name. Give you an example, just like the domain name is xxxx.com, the mailbox is xxx.com
2、Real name authentication on Apple phone
We need to download the APP, the download address is https://apps.apple.com/us/app/wwdc/id640199958, after the download is completed, you can login to your Apple account for real name authentication. We need face recognition when carrying out real-name authentication, must find a clear background low to carry out, authentication failure on the day there is no way to authenticate, but also need to board a few days, or find customer service or send an email to write clear reasons for failure, to re-certification, in the authentication failure, will prompt failure to verify documents.
3, fill out the application on the official website of the material
When we are successfully certified after to: developer.apple.com/programs/enterprise/cn This URL to apply for enterprise account, select the type of app you are distributing.
4、Fill in the company's name and Dun & Bradstreet code
When we make a choice, there will be two options: company or government, we fill in the name of the company and Dun and Bradstreet code application, both are English names.
5, fill in the company's official website, cell phone number and the number of people
We must ensure that the company's official website is available when filling out the application, the theme of the domain name is the theme of the company, the suffix of the mailbox and the company's domain name is the same, there is also a very important point is that the number of people in the company needs to be more than 500.
6、Submit application
After we fill out the application, we can submit it directly, and then we need to wait for Apple's review.
Some six months down or not applied to the Apple enterprise developer account, so we should not be anxious, if very anxious to use can choose to buy, or to find a signature business for signature.