18 Aug

(1) Stable throughout the year, say goodbye to the signingSpecial signature mechanism, no sign trouble, each super signature application can be used for about one year.

(2) No need to put on shelves, no need to break out of prisonYou can directly share the download link to download and install, no need to put on the AppStore, no need to jailbreak the phone & QR code remains unchanged, permanent unique.

(3) The more applications, the more cost-effectiveDownloading multiple of your different apps on the same device is also a one-time device charge.

(4) Signature guarantee stabilityStrictly control the quality of certificates and precisely control the number of apps signed by each certificate to ensure the stability of each application.

If you need IOS enterprise/inhouse super certificate, just feel free to contact us.

IOS enterprise/inhouse super certificate

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