18 Aug

To create a P12 certificate for iOS distribution, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR): Open Keychain Access on your Mac and go to Keychain Access > Certificate Assistant > Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority. Enter your email address and select "Save to disk" to generate a CSR file.
  2. Create an App ID: Go to the Apple Developer portal (https://developer.apple.com) and log in with your Apple ID. Navigate to the "Certificates, IDs & Profiles" section and click on "Identifiers" in the sidebar. Create a new App ID for your iOS app by clicking on the "+" button, following the prompts, and selecting "App ID" as the type.
  3. Create a Distribution Certificate: In the Apple Developer portal, go to the "Certificates" section and click on the "+" button to create a new certificate. Choose "App Store and Ad Hoc" as the certificate type, select the App ID you created in step 2, and follow the prompts to upload the CSR file generated in step 1. Once the certificate is issued, download it to your Mac.
  4. Install the Distribution Certificate: Double-click the downloaded certificate file to install it in Keychain Access on your Mac. It should now appear in your list of certificates under the "Certificates" category.
  5. Export the Distribution Certificate as a P12 File: In Keychain Access, find the distribution certificate you just installed and right-click on it. Choose "Export" and save the certificate as a .p12 file. You will be prompted to set a password for the P12 file, which you will need to enter whenever you use the certificate.

That's it! You now have a P12 certificate for iOS distribution that you can use to sign your iOS app for distribution on the App Store or for Ad Hoc distribution to specific devices. Make sure to keep your P12 certificate and password secure, as they are required for signing and distributing your iOS app.

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