18 Aug

For an app that is not live on the App Store, generally speaking, developers who need to install the app on some users' devices need to export the app as an installer (.ipa file) that can be installed directly on those devices. Whether the installer can be exported correctly is the key factor that determines whether the app can be installed correctly on the device. One of the most critical factors is the certificate used by the application when exporting the installation package (i.e.: the signing method).

Developers can choose between the following two methods of certificate signing to export the application installer.

Ad-hoc method

In-house method

Which method to use depends on the type of Apple developer account the developer has. For example, if you have an Apple Personal Developer account, you can use the Ad-hoc method; if you have an Apple Enterprise Developer account, you can use the In-house method. For the types of certificates supported by Apple developer accounts, please see the following table.

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